(12 Februari 2019)

Joko Tri Harjanto, ST, M.M.A. from the FPP Animal Husbandry Doctoral Study Program of Undip, won the Doctorate degree after successfully defending his dissertation in front of the examiners team led by the Dean of FPP Undip Dr. Ir. BambangWaluyoHadiEkoPrasetiyono, M.S., M.Agr. , Tuesday (12/2) at the Undip Peleburan Postgraduate Building.

In his dissertation entitled titled DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF COW FARMERS THROUGH THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE ROLE OF AGRIBUSINESS ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOLS IN CENTRAL JAVA. training, counseling, and special education for agribusiness development. Islamic boarding schools are also da’wah institutions that always contribute to the development of rural communities with support for the community, so that they have the opportunity to drive the agricultural economy in the countryside. The need for HR and agribusiness, as well as the partnership pattern of agribusiness systems in each rural area in order to succeed in beef self-sufficiency is a momentum for all stakeholders, including agribusiness Islamic boarding schools that can assist in the development of cow income to choose various regions.

Joko said the aim of his research was to formulate a strategy for developing livestock in Agribusiness Islamic Boarding Schools (PPA) in Central Java Province PPA based on the intended potential factors, formulating a PPA empowerment strategy in order to optimally become livestock development agents in the adjacent area, and to formulate priorities of the roles related to potential PPA factors in order to effectively support the development of beef cattle farms in the surrounding area.

The Dean of FPP Undip Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo Hadi Eko Prasetiyono, MS, M.Agr also said that the target to be graduated from the FPP Undip Doctor of Animal Husbandry study program is that 5 people as well as our professors are targeting 5 people in 2019, hopefully the new doctors can dedicate their innovation for the nation and state and its findings can provide benefits to the community”,He stated.

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