Semarang. Undip FKM students has achieved yet another international achievements. The Ap MOBA team consisting of Kawidian, Zulfa, Alfardari FKM and Fikri from FEB Undip and Wahyu and Oscar from FT Undip successfully presented gold medals (Mendali emas) & Special Awards at the 2019 Intellectual Property, Innovation and Exposition Technology (IPITEX) event which was held on 2-6 February 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. There is alsoanother team consisting of Nissa Atul and the rest of her group,which also won a bronze medal (medal of bronze) on the same event.

Dean of FKM Undip, Dr. Budiyono, SKM. M.Kes welcomed the achievements made by Kawidian and team.

“This international achievement is expected to be a motivation for Undip FKM students to continue to develop science and technology and compete at the global level,” he said.

Discovery of Intellectual Property, Innovation and Exposition Technology (IPITEx) was held by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) Thailand. In 2019 this was even attended by students from 25 countries.

Kawidian and the rest of his group were a team sent by the Indonesian Discovery and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) at the 2019 IPITEX event along with other teams. INNOPA as a private association that broadcasts the work of students and students competing in the International level in the hope that innovations do not only end as an achievement for the students, but can also be developed and supported massively so that it is beneficial to society.