“TECH-FLURRY” The Innovation of Flow Battery as a Large-Capacity and Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage

Nowadays, the energy neededfor this world are increasing along with the times. In fact, Indonesia is included in the list of 23 countries with the highest energy consumption in the world based on the ACCEE report (American Council for An Energy-Efficient Economy).In Rizals article (2017) released by a non-profit organization from the United States, Indonesia is ranked 18thin the group of 23 countries related to the level of energy efficiency.
For energy use, electricity is one of the concerns for the Indonesian government. This is because electricity is one of the primary needs for living, especially in the millennial era where everything depends on electricity. In terms of energy, one of Indonesia’s electrical energy has a great potential for energy that can be produced. However, the high potential of energy is not balanced by its storages so that the energy available is ended up wasted.
Because of these problems, it is necessary to use renewable energy storage technology, namely batteries. Batteries that commonly used as energy storage devices for renewable energy are lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, the current battery is a type of battery that is not environmentally friendly because it is composed of non-organic material. Therefore, Diponegoro University students who are members of the Student Creativity Program – Research Team (PKM-PE), under the guidance of Dessy Ariyanti, ST., MT., PhD. (Undip Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree Lecturer), and whose members are Faishal Maulana Kusuma (Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree Student), Dita Baeti (Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree Student), and Peter Kusnadi (Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree Student) conducted a research on environmentally friendly liquid batteries, which named “Tech Flurry”. The purpose of this environmental-friendly battery is that it was made using organic materials. Organic materials used are TEMPO liquid (as a calorite) and FMN-Na (as anolite). This innovation is as if seems to bring a cool breeze in the world of energy innovation because this research is related to future energy storage innovations where in this day and age, every country is competing for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which puts forward the renewable energy and the environment research. Thus, this Tech Flurry invention may be used as one of the answers and solutions in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era.