Diponegoro University added two new professors from the Faculty of Engineering, specifically from Chemical Engineering, namely Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Widiasa, ST, MT and Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Sangkawati, M.S. from Civil Engineering. The Rector of Diponegoro University Prof. Yos Johan Utama inaugurates both professor on Thursday (6/27) in the Prof. Soedarto Building Undip Tembalang.

The Rector of Diponegoro University said that the position of professor is the highest academic position in the world of education. However, the real meaningfrom being a professor is our ability to continue to create works for the benefit of humanity.Moreover, the fields of both new professors are about technical that closely related to the environment which are certainly very related and beneficial to humanity.

“As a scientist, Prof. Sri Sangkawati has tried to find various innovations with efforts to ensure harmony between the ocean, lands, and humans in managing watersheds to be better for humanity.Meanwhile, Prof. Nyoman also develops innovations in the field of chemical engineering, namely by utilizing membrane technology for water treatment and recycling of wastewater in Indonesia, this is certainly a conservation effort so that humans may get better water supply, “he said.

“In the midst of the pace of the world with the 4th industrial revolution which is marked with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, robotics etc., we as UNDIP academics must be adaptive in the development of the world by continuing to conduct renewable research and studies, in principle we are faced with absolute choices , which is to immediately continue to innovate or become a marginalized nation, “added the Rector.

In this inauguration, Prof. Nyoman delivered an inaugural speech on membrane technology for water treatment and waste water recycling in Indonesia.

“Many people argue that the solution to the problem of the freshwater crisis is by conducting forest reforestation, cessation of illegal logging and preventing global warming. Unfortunately, the recovery of forest conditions takes decades. That is if the cessation of illegal logging goes as expected. In the short term, limiting the amount of water use can be a solution for the minimum availability of clean water. A concept of “water rights”, which is intended to make effective use of water resources; in fact, it prioritizes commercial value compared to social and cultural values. Therefore, the existence of membrane technology has a strategic role in responding to the severity of the water crisis facing the world today and in the future. ”

“Membrane technology has been proven effective for separating various contaminants such as particles, turbidity, cysts, bacteria, viruses, colors, organic compounds, disinfection by-products (DBP) precursors, and dissolved solids. For the production of drinking water, membrane technology can provide consistent quality assurance. Membrane technology enables the conversion of brackish water or seawater into fresh water. For wastewater treatment, membrane technology can change the concept of processing from fulfilling quality standards to recycling or reuse, “he said

Whereas Prof. Sri Sangkawati delivered an inaugural speech regarding the title of Human-Water Harmony in the Management of River Stream Areas.

“The development of relations between humans and rivers began when human settlements were located near the river, up to a period of rapid development in the productivity and progress of science and technology. During this period of development, there were many imbalances between the availability and needs of water resources. One of the aspects that should not be forgotten in the management of water resources is that water resources are closely related to the unity of the region called the watershed (DAS). DAS as a water system, often referred to as watershed, as a catch of rainwater is known as the catchment area, and as a river regime is often referred to as a river basin. ”

“Watersheds are our environment. As part of the environment, we may get an adverse impactif this environment is damaged.Therefore, there must be an effort to maintain the balance and harmony between humans and their creators and between humans and their environment. Fighting the order of nature is a sin that will bring disaster ” she said. (RINTU / ft.Okt / HUMAS)

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