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The Student’s Delegation Of The Faculty Of Law Participted In International Maritime Law Moot Competition 2019

The Faculty of Law students reiterated their existence at the international level by bringing the  Spirits of Diponegoro. On this occasion, the Law Faculty Student Delegation under the coordination of the International Law division participated in the International Maritime Law Moot (IMLAM) Competition which was officially held from 30 June to 5 July 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The International Maritime Law Moot (IMLAM) is an annual prestigious pseudo judicial championship for all law students around the world discussing issues about international maritime law. This event was organized by Murdoch University, Australia, but the location of the race to move on almost all continents in the World. This year The University of Rotterdam has the honor of being the Host.

The legal issue which being the subject in this competition was the sea freight dispute determined by the arbitration panel. The stages of the race are grouped into several rounds, namely: First, the preliminary round which will be held on Monday 1 July until Wednesday 3 July 2019. Furthermore, the 16 (sixteen) best teams who are declared to qualify from the group phase will return to the final and continue. in the quarter-finals to be held in the knockout format on July 4 2019. The Semifinal Round will be held on Friday morning July 5, 2019 (morning –local time ) and closed with the Grand Final Round (afternoon).

The Faculty of Law UNDIP delegation was represented by a number of students from various classrooms consisting of:

  1. Nathanael Daud (2015 Student Force – Chairperson of Delegation)
  2. Vendra Wahid (2015 Student Force)
  3. Raka Permana N (Student Force 2015)
  4. Daniel Renne Kandou (2017 class student)
  5. Angelica Tambunan (2017 student class)
  6. Resty Sutraeny (2017 class students)

According  Vendra Wahid- The One of represenntative delegates , he said that  : “The motivation to participate in this competition is to catch up with Diponegoro University with other state universities in Indonesia such as UI, Unair and Unpad who have started their careers in participating in International Moot Court events.

“The struggle of the IMLAM FH UNDIP team at IMLAM 2019 is a continuation of the progress of the Faculty of Law UNDIP students to be more courageous in establishing their existence in participating in the International championship, which was initiated by the UNDIP Faculty of Law delegation in Phillip C. Jessup competition three years ago” said Vendra. According to him, their participation could be one of the cornerstones for the our Faculty to show themselves that they are capable to compete on international law  competitions in the future.

In order to prepare themselves for the IMLAM  competition 2019 , the Delegation Team has compiled a   comprehensive preparation and good scheme since  December 2018. Vendra also explained further that: “A number of preparations have been made by delegates including brainstorming with Maritime Law experts in the University of Diponegoro, building case , research related to the mechanism of international arbitration, preparation of claims and respondent to determine the outcome of the verdict “.

The  leader of Delegation, Nathanael Daud also added and encouraged other students in Faculty of Law , do not to be afraid to try at a higher level, because in principle the  human resource has capabilities  in skill and intelligence. He also hopes that the participation of the 2019 UNDIP IMLAM Team can be an inspiration and motivation for students to dare to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone.

The Delegates were also grateful for all the support of the parties who participated in assisting the Team in arranging the preparation for the competition, especially stakeholders in Diponegoro University and the sponsoring partners. Before departure, the delegates held a dress rehearsal which was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNDIP, Prof. Dr. Retno Saraswati, SH., M.Hum. in the faculty room of the Dean of the Faculty of UNDIP. During the competition the delegates will be accompanied by Young Lecturers of International Law, Pulung Widhi Hari Hanannto, S, H., M.H. LL.M.

Good Luck for Young Diponegoro,  We Wished your all struggle be able to make the name of the alma mater, nation and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia raising On the Top . (Rahandy/FH)


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