The Diponegoro University Faculty of Law Delegation under the coordination of the Student Activity Unit – the Martial Arts Faculty of the Law Faculty of Diponegoro University (UKM-F PSEUDORECHTSPRAAK) participated in the National Moot Court Competition Abdul Kahar Mudzakkir VIII 2019 at the Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. July 5 – 8, 2019.

In this competition Undip Faculty of Law delegates were represented by:

Irfa Ainun Nazhira (2017), Melisa Dwi Putri (2018), Renita Martianna Siagian (2018), Salsabila Dewi Pratiwi (2017), Fransiska Meiva Putri Ginting (2018), Daniel Parsaoran (2017), Zulkem Rio (2017), Arnita Febi Maharani (2018), Rifki Satriawan Asikin (2017), Arnita Febi Maharani (2018), Sava Kilau Arindang 2017), Bob Nicholas Manurung (2018), Natalia Nanda Eka Dewi (2018), Fauzi Rohmat (2017), Alan Muharilman (2018 ), and Naufaldy Anggoro (2016). The team was also accompanied by two Official Teams namely Mora Nainggolan (2016) and Elsya Lucia (2016).

In this NMCC event Abdul Kahar Mudzakkir VIII, the delegation of Faculty of Law UNDIP won the Second Place title and received the Best File award defeating 11 other universities that participated in the delegation in this competition. This achievement is a significant improvement after the previous edition of the title, which was at NMCC Abdul Kahar Mudzakkir VII, the delegation from Undip Faculty of Law also won third place in 2017.

“National level pseudo – judicial competition is a very exciting competition! We law faculty students are challenged to simulate the trial like practitioners at the trial. In addition to adding experience, this competition certainly makes us develop ourselves in speaking skills and skills. Hopefully in the future, Faculty of Law UNDIP  and its students can get more achievements in this competition. UNDIP goes to champion, UNDIP still the champion! “Mora said.

This achievement was presented to the Faculty of Law UNDIP , In order to get better  future achievements in the national pseudo judicial competition can continue to be achieved and can bring new superior seeds to bring the UNDIP Alma mater always to be at the forefront of national disciplines. Of course, the great hope for Undip law faculty students to be able to compete with delegates from other law faculties represented Undip’s law faculty to raise the Almamater and Panji Diponegoro. (Rahandy/FH)