Diponegoro University as one of the Joint Working Group (JWG), Franco-Indonesia has many partnerships in several fields with numerous universities in France. Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University has been cooperating with Poitiers University for more than ten years. Started with the double degree program in master degree in Biomedical, four master degree students have been completed a year program (2 semester) at Poitiers University with a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. However, due to the separation of the Ministry of Education with Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the scholarship does not available anymore. Nevertheless, the partnership still continues by exchanging both students and lecturers. Several lecturers from PU that was funded by Erasmus plus scholarship gave a lecture in the Faculty of Medicine, and they also helped the Faculty of Pharmacy in developing the curriculum. Some staffs in Faculty of Medicine Undip gave a lecture and took a test for doctorate master in PU by using Erasmus Plus scholarship. The medicine students from PU do the internship every year to complete the double degree in Centre for Biomedical Research Faculty of Medicine Undip. They also learned about herbs in PT Sido Muncul, which has been a partner of Undip itself.