Friday (19/7) The Faculty of Public Health of Diponegoro University officially launch the new football field in its area. Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, Head of Academic Senate Prof. Sunarso, Deans of Diponegoro University and Academic Civitateswere attending the event.

The Rector said in his speech that Diponegoro University is trying to boost the academic facility, especially laboratory.

“We are currently focusing on upgrading the facilities, especially laboratory. It is somewhat different from the previousperiod; we used to dividethe finance equallyto build each laboratory, but now, we are focusing on making two proper laboratories first. Followed with the next year we will build two more laboratories and so does the years after,”

“The football field that was launched today is one of the facilities after laboratory that we develop,” said the Rector.

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