Diponegoro University Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H, M.Hum have inaugurated 11,586 new students on Monday (5/8) at Tembalang Undip Stadium. The students consisted of 210 Doctoral Students, 993 Masters students, 105 Specialist students, 43 Professional students, 9,205 Bachelor students and 1039 Vocational students.The new students are sat mixed in their respective seats and shade tents. There are no specific rules that separate students based on its levels, all mingling into one, in accordance with the theme of this year’s New Student Admissions which is Strengthening the Spirit of Unity in Diversity.

The inauguration process of the new student was carried out symbolically, where the Rector of Undip put the alma mater jacket to the representative students continued with giving them the students ID card.

The Rector welcomed the new students to Diponegoro University, which is one of the 8 universities that included in world class university rank, and is known for its tight competition, and for being the third hardest university to enter in SNMPTN.

On the occasion, the Rector reminded that Undip is a people’s campus. Undip serves 30% of underprivileged students and the tuition fees get subsidies from the people, which is why do not try to betray their hope.

“We are not shouting that we are Pancasila, but we are doing what is in Pancasila,” said the Rector at the end of his speech (Ade Irma / RK / HUMAS).