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Comparative Study Regarding SA Policy in PTNBH Implementation

Recently, Diponegoro University received a visit from the Academic Senate of the Sebelas Maret State University (UNS) Surakarta in a Comparative Study (Benchmarking) activity to the Undip Academic Senate which was held in the Senate Main Meeting Room of the Academic Senate, SA-MWA Building, 3rd floor, Undip Tembalang campus, Friday (Friday) 9/8).

The main discussion for this activity was: “An overview of the Various Academic Senate Policies that have been made for the Implementation of PTNBH”. Another discussion also involves: an acceleration program for professors, new study programs, administrative discipline and several other policies including an award for outstanding students.

The UNS Academic Senate who visited Undip was Prof. Dr. Adi Sulistiyono, SH as the Head of the UNS Academic Senate accompanied by the Secretary of the SA UNS along with the Rector Expert Staff and the Head of the Commission of the Academic Senate.

The visitation was welcomed by the Head of Undip Academic Senate, Prof. Dr.Ir.Sunarso, MS along with the SA secretary, Head of the Board of Professors, Head of the Commission of the Academic Senate and several Administrative Staffs. In his introduction, Prof. Sunarso said that the Academic Senate are divided into 4 Commissions, namely Commission I which in charge of Education and Academic Affairs, Commission II which deals with Institutions, Commission III which dealing with HR and Commission IV which deals with Cooperation, innovation and development and it has carried out its functions well.

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