Students of the 2019 KKN Team Diponegoro University explained the results of their superior work program at the same time with regular visits by university leaders in a form of expo at the Women’s Building Jepara District on Tuesday (8/13). The event was attended by the academic community, Plt. Jepara Regent, the sub-district head and staffs.

One of the flagship products of Team II Undip KKN is a product from wood dust waste processed as a soundproof acoustic brick because carved wood waste has a huge potential to be developed as a basic material for various human needs.

There is total amount of 30.000 wood waste in this district. Thus, the students took the initiative to treat the waste so that the adverse environmental impact and contamination of the surrounding air can be reduced.

The Deputy Director of Learning Development and Academic Cooperation Prof. Ir. Vitus Dwi Yunianto Budi Ismadi, M.S., M.Sc. Ph.D in his speech expressed his gratitude to the regent and all residents of Jepara District that has accepted Undip KKN Team II Students to learn new knowledge and implement it to the Jepara community.

“With the guidance of field tutors, KKN students can continue to sustainably working in a project even when the KKN has been completed,” said Prof. Vitus.

“Hopefully the existing communication can always be established between Undip and Jepara. As an evidence there are by several things that already exist such as the Undip campus in Jepara and work programs that continuously to be worked on,” concluded Prof. Vitus.

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