Just recently, the Rector with Faculty Leaders visited “2019 Pemalang Expo” which was initiated by students of the KKN Team II Academic Year 2018/2019 that were held in Penggarit Village, Taman Subdistrict Pemalang District on Wednesday (8/14).

During the visit, the Undip Rector Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum. was accompanied by the Pemalang Regent Dr. H. Junaedi, SH., MM. In his speech, Pemalang Regent Dr. Junaedi expressed his gratitude to Undip for the collaboration that has existed to date, especially the Undip Student Community Service Program (KKN) in the Pemalang district. He further said that, “The activity of KKN really helps the local government in community empowerment programs that can provide benefits, including improving community welfare for a long and sustainable period and also increasing the resources and local potential that can provide benefits”.

Meanwhile, the Undip Rector Prof. Yos said that, “KKN activities are fields for students to utilize their knowledge as well as learning media”. He further explained that, “In addition to students implementing the known knowledge in providing breakthroughs and innovations that benefit the community, students may also gain various lessons about leadership and management from the regional devices or local government.  Thus, they may also gain a knowledge that is necessary to compete in the world of work.”