Two of the National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) Assessor Team consisting of Ir. Muhammad Wazis Wildan, M.Sc. PhD from Gadjah Mada University and DR. Eng.Meifal Rusli, ST, MT from Andalas University have checked all the re-accreditation forms of the D3 Vocational School Mechanical Engineering Study Program Undip.

The visitation by BAN-PT Assessors Team at Undip Vocational School will take around three days, Thursday-Saturday (22-24/8) at the Undip Vocational School Campus Undip Tembalang.

The arrival of the assessor team was welcomed by Undip Vice Rector Budi Setiyono, PhD, Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs Undip Vocational School Dr. Ida Hayu Dwimawanti, MM and Vice Dean of Resources for Undip Vocational School Dr. Agus Purwanto SE, M.Sc,

Budi Setiyono, PhD in his speech said that the accreditation process is part of the process that must be carried out by an educational institution in order to have competencies and academic quality standards for students.

He hopes that these assessors can provide experience, fresh ideas, and input in the development of this study program and the Vocational School in general.

BAN-PT Assessors Team Ir. Muhammad Wazis Wildan, M.Sc. PhD in his speech said that they came to verify the data and to conduct field assessments. They want to verify the relevancy of what was written with the actual data.

He also added that the visitation activity was carried out as an evaluation tool and to provide recommendations for each study program to be re-accredited so that it would subsequently have good management in developing the quality of education.