The Diponegoro University lecturer team have conducted a community service in the form of Mangrove Tourism Ecotourism Development with Intervention Approach Based on Community Psychology on 31 August – 1 September 2019 in Morodemak Village, Bonang District, Demak Regency. The implementing team of this activity is Salma, S. Psi., M. Psi. The psychologist as the leader, Dr.phil. Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, S. Psi., M. Psi., Psychologist and Fardznaela Suwarto, S. T., M. Sc. The form of activities for this service is in the form of a Morodemak Mangrove Tourism Package Development Workshop.

Morodemak village itself has an attractive tourism potential. As a village affected by abrasion and rob, Morodemak Village has planted mangroves as its conservation effort. The mangrove land has now become a beautiful place and has been developed into a tourist location. The Undip community service team of the Science Techno Tourism Development (UFST2D) program has been assisting the development of the Morodemak Mangrove Ecotourism since 2017. In the 3rd year (2019), which is this year, the team will focus on assisting the optimization of mangrove tourism, one of which was through the Morodemak Mangrove Tourism Package Development Workshop. The Community Psychology Approach is applied in the form of participatory and group activities to enhance the synergy of Morodemak Mangrove Ecotourism stakeholders.

The workshop was attended by 50 participants from various elements such as village officials, BPD, LKMD, Youth Organization, BUMDes, Tourism Unit and community leaders. In this workshop, participants were provided with material on ecotourism, enchantment, and financial administration management, as well as in groups, conducting a self-assessment of the current conditions including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of Morodemak Mangrove Ecotourism. As an activity output, participants also being invited to develop the Morodemak Mangrove tour packages together. The workshop was facilitated with various speaker such as Salma, S. Psi., M. Psi., a Psychologists, Abdul Roviq, and Havik Martoyo. With this workshop, it is expected that Morodemak Mangrove Ecotourism will further develop and become a means to improve the welfare of Morodemak Village community.