The Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University through CBIOM3S in cooperation with the Social Service of Central Java Province provided assistance in the form of mechanical arms to 27 people with disabilities in Central Java, Monday (9/23) at the Hall of Central Java Social Service. At the event, there were present the Undip Vice Rector for Communication and Business Undip Dr. Darsono, Dean of FT Undip. Prof. Agung Wibowo, Head of PT. CBIOM3S Undip Dr. Rifki Ismail, Plt. Head of Semarang Social Service Yusadar, S.H and staff, followed with 27 people with disabilities in Central Java.

Diponegoro University (UNDIP) as a research university is on its way in becoming a World Class University, which has a health technology research center, namely the Center for Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biomechantronics and Biosignal processing (CBIOM3S). In the last 4 years, CBIOM3S has developed health technology products, some of which that have been made are: bionic arm, mechanical arm, club foot therapy tools for babies, braces for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joints, artificial limbs, diagnostic tools for Parkinson’s disease, eksoglove for stroke patients, etc.

During his speech, the Dean of Undip FT stated that the granting of mechanical arms for persons with disabilities was the result from CBIOM3S study center in Undip FT which aims to bring benefit to the community by collaborating with Social Service and P3D Semarang.

“We all very thankful for all parties for facilitating this activity, hopefully the research conducted by Undip FT can provide benefits for all levels of society and also brings greatness to all of us” conclude Prof. Agung.

The Head of PT. CBIOM3S Undip Dr. Rifki Ismail in his speech addressed that he hope by granting these mechanical arms to those with disabilities, it could help them to adapt with life and activities which gradually increase their productivities.