The Directorate of Diponegoro University Alumni Relations and Communication held a Teaching Alumni activities at the Auditorium of the Diponegoro University Tembalang University of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Wednesday (9/25) morning.

The Director of Diponegoro University Alumni Relations and Communication Drs. Mujid F Amin, M.Pd. hopes that this activity can become a forum for alumni to motivate the younger generation in improving welfare, specifically in opening a job vacancy for publics. There were two competent spokespersons in the field of entrepreneurship that are invited to this event, namely Ferry Firmawan, the CEO of Jatengland Industrial Park, Sayung and Arief Kurniawan, the Director of JNE.

“The main key to become a rich and successful business is putting an effort to it” said Ferry Firmawan. In this event, students were taught how to excel in business, manage ideas and actualizing them carefully and confidently, and to not forget in arranging strategies thoroughly.

“An entrepreneur must have a leadership spirit, but a leader does not necessarily have an entrepreneurial spirit,” Ferry added.

Ferry also said that “9 out of 10 doors of prosperity comes from the field of commerce” so Ferry hoped that the students would not be afraid to start doing business and achieve a success.

In line with Ferry, Arief also added that in order to succeed in entrepreneurship in the digital era, students must be able to adapt to create new innovations and to follow digital transformation. Given that digitalization has become the most important factor behind business growth in the era of free trade. (Renin, Wasil, Dzuhria)