Semarang (25/9), the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Central Java Regional Office, through the Tilawatil Qur’an Development Institute, once again held a Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQ) of the Central Java for student level after having been in vacuum for several years. The MTQ Students XXVI was held at Donohudan Boyolali Hajj Dormitory from 23 to 25 September 2019. The MTQ XXVI of Central Java Students was participated by 329 students from universities spread across Central Java.

For the event, Undip has sent several delegates to all branches, namely: Mochammad Saiyyidal Achirin as the delegation for Male Tartil participants, Mar’atul Karimah as the delegation for Female Tartil participants, Mahfudz Ihsan as Male Tilawah participants, Iffah Munifah Zahroh Muna as Female Tilawah participants, Humam Mutawakkil as Male Tilawah and 5 Juz Tahfidz Participants, Ahmi Rifqi Hudaya as Female Tilawah and 5 Juz Tahfidz Participants, Rayhan Hanif Maulana as Male English Tafsir participants, Nasywa Raichaanah as Female English Tafsir participants, Putra Riestanop as Male M2IQ participants, and Hizroh Rochmah Tulloh as Female M2IQ participants.

Of the 10 delegates, Undip managed to obtain 5 awards, including Mochammad Saiyyidal Achirin as the 1st winner in Male Tartil Branch, Nasywa Raichaanah as the 2nd winner in Female English Tafsir Branch, Ahmi Rifqi Hudaya as 1st runner-up winner in Female Tilawah and 5 Juz Tahfidz Branch, Hizroh Rochmah Tulloh as the 1st winner of the M2IQ Female Branch, Iffah Munifah Zahroh Muna as the 2nd winner Female Tilawah Branch. Based on these results, Undip have placed in 3rd place right below under the University of Al-Qur’an Science and UIN Walisongo.