Today’s global competition is not only faced by big industry players in manufacturing. The food processing industry also faces similar problems; ranging from small to large industries. Similarly, farmers and ranchers are demanded to produce super quality products if they want to obtain maximum profit.

The increase of open competition between countries forces farmers, ranchers and craftsmen of processed food products from agricultural products to be more competitive. Ideas and innovations must continue to be promoted so that Indonesia can compete in the global market. One of the things that can be done is by applying biotechnology. With the use of biotechnology, it is expected for new market players to be highly competitive.

This is the reason why FPP Undip holds a public lecture related to the use of biotechnology. On Friday, September 27, 2019 at the SRG Room, Prof. Sang Jip Ohh from Kangwon National University provides an explanation of what biotechnology is and how it is applied. Prof. Ohh also explained the use of biotechnology in Korea and its potential for development in Indonesia.

Prof. Ohh, in his presentation, explained that biotechnology is the use of living things and products of living things in the production process to produce goods and services. In Korea, biotechnology is now even collaborated with other branches of science such as biochemistry, genetics, biomolecular, to computers.

This lecture is also an effort by FPP Undip in conducting internationalization by inviting renowned scientists from abroad. This public lecture is also expected to be able to give a picture to students in hope that in the future they may become entrepreneurs by utilizing biotechnology.

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