To achieve the target of 5 Scopus indexed journals, Diponegoro University is holding a Workshop on Improving a Journals in Diponegoro University Environment Aiming Towards Index in Reputable International Indexers (Scopus and Web of Science) in 2019 at the Lorin Hotel, Solo (3-5 October 2019).

The event was attended by 92 participants or 48 journals that passed the selection of potential internationalization. The results of this event are detailed knowledge about the criteria for assessment and selection of journals by the Scopus indexer and the Web of Science. The event was opened by Prof. Ambariyanto as the Vice Rector of Research and Innovation represented the Rector of Undip. There were several journalists invited to this event, one of them was Dr. Lukman, SH, M.Hum as Head of Sub-Directorate of FJI Kemenristekdikti. There were also Prof. Dr. Komang G. Wiryawan which is the Head of the Indonesian Scientific Periodical Editor Association (HEBII) from IPB, and the Spokesperson from Undip Prof. Dr. Istadi, ST, MT, Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Edy Kurnianto, Eko Didik Widianto, ST., MT. and Wahyu Setiadi, S.Kom., M.Kom.

In the remarks, Prof. Ambariyanto as a Vice Rector of Research and Innovation said, “A good journal starts from good research which is supported by good facilities as well. There are funds from Kemenristekdikti amounting to 49 billion and 51 billion from Diponegoro University for the allocation of 2019 research funding added with cooperation of 30 billion which supports the publication of international journals that can provide benefits. He further explained to support international research and publications, a research laboratory roadmap was prepared with a complete set of tools and equipment, human resources and a support room. The target for the next 2 years in utilizing these tools is to produce at least a paper or Revenue Generating Activities (RGA).

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Istadi, ST., MT. who was the initiator of this event, said that for this year there were already 3 journals in Undip that had been indexed by Scopus and Web of Science. Next year target (2020) is 5 more Scopus indexed journals. To achieve these targets, it is necessary to provide understanding and strategies for improving journals towards indexed Scopus and Web of Science.

The material presented on this event act as a provision of knowledge and efforts made towards Scopus indexed journals and Web of Science, including: Ministry of Research and Technology Internationalization Program Policy and Follow Up, Best Practice and Experience in Maintaining Quality of Scopus Indexed Journals and Socialization of HEBII Registration Program, Examination of Similarity to Understand the Potential Elements of Plagiarism, Selection Criteria and Journal Evaluation Parameters According to High-Reputation International Indexers (Scopus and Web of Science), Journal Indexation Registration Procedures in Scopus and Web of Science, Strategies and Tips for Recruiting Peer-Reviewers and Potential Writers from International Diversity, Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, Technical Assistance for OJS Application (Open Journal System) for Compliance with International Journal Website Standards, Standards and Criteria for Choosing Editor in Chief, Main Handling Editor, International Editorial Board and Peer-Reviewer, Discussions of Technical assistance of OJS Application for Fulfillment of International Journal Website Standards, International Journal of Scientific Article Substance Quality Standards and Criteria and Standards of Collaborative Scientific Journal with International Conference.

The event was closed by the Head of Undip WCU, Dr. Denny Nugroho S, ST., M.Sc. who said that prior to the closing of the workshop there were already 2 journals from participants that had been submitted and under-evaluated in Scopus namely the Reactors from the Faculty of Engineering and Journal of Chemical Science and Applications from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. The journal under evaluation in the web of science is the Reactor from the Faculty of Engineering. Other journals that have been submitted to the web of science are Nurse Media Journal of Nursery from the Faculty of Medicine and Indonesian Journal of Marine Science from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. These two journals were also submitted in Scopus.

It is expected that by paying attention to standards, criteria and strategies such as being more specific towards the field of science in writing the journals, the hope is that the target of 5 Scopus indexed journals can be achieved next year. (Ut-Humas)