Undip Vocational School have established a tridharma partnership with the Indonesian Construction Experts Association (ATAKI) and the Construction Services Center to develop competency training for recent vocational students at the Dean Boardroom of the Undip Vocational School.

The Dean of the Vocational School, Diponegoro University Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiyono, M.Sc positively welcomed this collaboration. This collaboration is one of the steps of vocational schools to actualize the vision of a Vocational School as a center of superior vocational education.

“We support the collaboration program with ATAKI and the Construction Services Center, specifically in developing competency training activities. Cooperation between institutions is expected to be a place for various educational programs which also include HR certification programs, ” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Head of ATAKI, Ir. Manahara R. Siahaan, in line with the Dean of the Undip Vocational School, gave a high appreciation for this collaboration. This collaboration will certainly be very beneficial for the progress between institutions. One of the expected activities implementation includes competency training for both students and lecturers in the majors of related study programs.