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Undip Holds Indonesian Vocational School Congress

Undip Vocational School plans to hold the 6th congress of Vocational Higher Education Institutions of Indonesia on Wednesday (6/11) at the Prof. Soedharto Building Undip Tembalang. It is planned that this congress will invite approximately 100 universities that has vocational school education. The event will be themed “Establishing Creative Innovation, Empowering Vocational Education” with participants from FPTVI members and vocational teachers throughout Indonesia. The congress will elect FPTVI administrators in 2020, evaluate the work program in 2019 and prepare the work program in 2020 for each field.

Speakers for the event includes Former Menristekdikti Mohamad Nasir, PLN’s Human Capital Management Director Muhamad Ali, Director of SMK Development M. Bakrun, and Dean College of Humanities and Social Science, Asia University Prof. Yinghuei Chen.

The 6th Congress of Vocational Higher Education Institutions throughout Indonesia is planned to be opened by Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama and the Head of FPTVI, Prof. Dr. Widi Hidayat.

The Dean of the Undip Vocational School Prof. Budiyono said that the Congress of Vocational Higher Education Institutions of Indonesia (FPTVI) was carried out routinely every year in order to synergize the organization and development of vocational higher education in various universities / institutes in Indonesia and also to strengthen the network among members of the Indonesian Vocational Higher Education, especially in order to provide solutions for solving the problems of the nation.

Prof. Budiyono also added that this congress will be the 6th congress of FPTVI that at the same time is to elect FPTVI management for 2020. The implementation of this congress would be integrated with a national seminar inviting vocational high school (SMK) teachers in Indonesia so that the concept of integration between vocational in high school level and college level can be intertwined.


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