Congratulations!!! The Head of BEM Undip 2018 have achieved a national award as the Great Youth of Indonesia.

Jakarta-18-10-19, enlivening the peak of the Youth Pledge Day on October 28, the ministry of youth and sports held the Youth Award 2019 at the Jakarta concern hall. This year the youth pledge takes the theme “Unite We Continue Forward”

The Youth Award of 2019 consists of four categories namely 2019 National Level Pioneer Youth, Beginner Achievement Young Entrepreneurs and Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Movers, Great Youths, Disabled Youths and International Youth and 2019 Decent Youth Cities.

Undip student, Abdurrohman Hizbulloh, became one of the winners of the national award, the Great Youth of Indonesia, a familiar nickname to be the representative of Central Java in the night of the peak of Indonesian youth grace. According to Aab who also served as the Head of BEM Undip, by getting the award of Indonesia’s great youth 2019, “I have the responsibility to be even better, to create innovation improvements for the nation, and to carry out national regeneration so that Indonesian youth increasingly have a role for the benefit of the surrounding” – Said Abdurrohman-

According to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the purpose of this awarding is to provide motivation to young generations. “This award aims to mobilize all young people throughout Indonesia so that they can do their best, can achieve for more innovations. And this night, we have done that.

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