On Tuesday (5/11), the Faculty of Psychology held community service activities in the form of compassion training and forgiveness for stress management. This activity was coordinated by a team of lecturers consisting of Yohanis Franz La Kahija, Amalia Rahmandani, and Hastaning Sakti and was attended by 55 education personnel of Diponegoro University. Participants are the educational staff from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Psychology, and Vocational Schools. The activity which lasted for approximately two hours took place in the hall of Prof. Darmanto Jatman Faculty of Psychology.

During the training activity, Yohanis explained, “Distress is the term for disturbing pressure. One source of psychological pressure is anxiety in the unresolved past which in psychology is called unfinished business or we commonly refer to it as a wedged problem. If the problem is not solved, then the morale is potentially disturbed by anxiety rooted in past experiences. “

Furthermore, Yohanis explained “This activity is intended to facilitate the process of letting go of problems in the past that interfere, managing pain within, then fostering compassion.”

The activity went peacefully and was followed by participants with enthusiasm. Participants hope that this kind of activity can be held more frequently and regularly every year.

“The body, mind and feelings, are all become more calm, relaxed and comfortable,” said one participant. (SAL)