Undip Vocational School (SV) held an Animal Processed Products Expo by D3 Animal Husbandry Business Management (MUP) students. This expo lasts for 2 days, 7-8 November 2019 at the yard of Prof. Soedarto building from 8 am to 4 pm. The expo aims to make the public aware of the results of the creativity and innovation of vocational students, especially Undip vocational students, this expo activity was attended by various vocational college students in Indonesia.

This processed product consists of various types, there are ungkep chicken, salted eggs, chicken eggs, fried chicken with rice and grilled chicken with rice. By holding the motto of ASUH (Safe Healthy Whole and Halal) Mohammad Kholafi Allabiq, as the head of the MUP Expo team explained that this activity aims to interpret daily courses and forms of collaboration between students who are directly involved in the process of maintaning to chicken cultivating and students that in charge of marketing the products.

“We chose to market this product as a form of support for the country’s concern which is currently focusing on food security and contributing in solving issues that harm farmers”, Kholafi said.

Furthermore, Kholafi and his colleagues explained the challenges in this activity were the lack of publicity and public knowledge about the processed products of MUP students. After the Expo is over, they will market the ASUH motto to Semarang food stalls.

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