SEMARANG, 7 October 2019 – The Indonesian Vocational Olympics is back for the 4th time with the theme “Establishing Creative Innovation, Empowering Vocational Higher Education”. This theme is carried out by the Diponegoro University Vocational School as the host of a series of Indonesian Vocational Higher Education Forum (FPTVI) events. The 2019 Indonesian Vocational Olympics (Olivia) is an annual competition for vocational students in Indonesia and is one of a series of events from FPTVI. The 2019 Olivia competition includes scientific writing competitions, business plans, video blogs, smart tools, English debate, live cooking, and most recently, the construction innovation competition and new and renewable energy innovations.

Olivia 2019 was attended by both state and private universities and polytechnics throughout Indonesia. Total participants that took part in Olivia 2019 were 1176 participants divided into 392 teams. Thursday (7/11), after going through a series of selections, 17 outside and inside universities of Java were presented to came in the final stage. In addition, a series of vocational product expos and bazaars from various universities were also presented at the Prof. Soedharto Building, S.H. The expo participants included Undip, UI, ITN Yogyakarta, Parahyangan Catholic University, Haluoleo University, STT Batang, IPB, and Airlangga University.

Olivia 2019 as one of a series of events organized by FPTVI. According to Johan Bhimo Sukoco as the Head of Olivia, Olivia was held to advertise the vocational school to the community and to increase student’s confidence.

“This can be a good advertisement for vocational school itself and with this event it can be an informative place to introduce vocational program to the community. For fellow students, it is also expected that their confidence will increase. Seventeen universities brought in here, we accommodate according to the results of the competition. Vocational students are given competitive activities, so that in the field of work they will become more confident. They are not second-grade students, they are also equal with bachelor friends, “he concluded.