SPEKTAKULER (Piezoelectric-based Wind Power Generation) Innovation on the string band created by M. Farid Maulana, Almas Rizki Utiningtyas, and Indah Setiani from DIII Instrumentation and Electronics, have managed to win gold medal in the OLIVIA Renewable Energy Competition 2019 on 6-8 November 2019 at Diponegoro University Vocational School, Semarang.

Farid with his two partners created this innovation as an alternative to the existence of a PLTB which in its application requires a large area of land, a large cost, and must have a very strong wind source.

“To generate PLTB, we must provide a large area for the windmills and the required wind strength must be fast enough to be able to turn the windmills to get high electric power,” explained Farid.

SPEKTAKULER, a Piezoelectric-based Wind Power System Innovation uses a string band, by making a Piezoelectric-based wind belt generator with the concept of GGL Induction.

“By using the concept of attaching a load to the tape. The load attached to the tape will oscillate when the ribbon is blown by the wind, so the oscillating load is brought closer to the piezoelectric mounted next to the load and the Interaction between the load and piezoelectric will produce electrical energy. ” explained Farid about the works of SPEKTAKULER.

It is expected that this tool will be able to get the value of the optimization function of the wind belt generator itself and can be an alternative tool in producing electricity that is environmentally friendly since it does not cause pollution due to energy change processes and also without having to think about the large land and large wind power that must be provided. It is expected in the design of this tool as a future research for minimum electricity generation, as a substitute for charging systems on mobile phones.

OLIVIA is a routine event that was first held four years ago at the Indonesia University Vocational School back in OLIVIA 2015. Then, for the fourth year it was held in Undip Vocational School namely OLIVIA 2019.

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