Undip Vocational School (SV) is determined to produce graduates who are superior, full of character and carries national values, patriotism that are relevant to national development by providing character education for the introduction of nationalism for Vocational School students in collaboration with Rindam IV Diponegoro in Bantir, Sumowono , Semarang Regency just recently.

The Dean of the Undip Vocational School Prof. Budiyono said that this character education activity aims to shape student’s characters and morals because they are the main key in advancing this nation.

Furthermore Prof. Budiyono revealed that character education given to students includes science, character, creativity, and innovation. Meanwhile, for the development of character values consisting of what it is in the heart (ethics), what it is in the mind (literacy), what it is in the intention (aesthetic), and sports (kinesthetic). It is hoped that it will produce a individuals who has a global spirit that is religious, honest, tolerance, discipline, hard-working, creative, independent, democratic, carries national spirit, loving the nation, communicative, full of peace, caring about environment, socially aware, and responsible.