Just recently, the Institute for Development and Education Quality Assurance (LP2MP) of the Diponegoro University held a socialization of the SNMPTN, SBMPTN and UM for the period of 2020 at SMA Negeri 5 Semarang on Thursday (5/12). The event took place in the 2nd floor hall of SMA Negeri 5 Semarang with participants from 12th grade students’ parents.

The delegates from Diponegoro University was Prof. Budi Setiyono, S. Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D as Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs and Dr. Ir. Setia Budi Sasongko, DEA as Secretary of the Undip LP2MP.

In his remarks, the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Budi Setiyono said that Diponegoro University is a world class university that is currently in great demand. “There are lots of interest from students who want to study at Undip, bearing in mind the many achievements that have been achieved, including the ranking of the 6th best national universities, ranked 3rd campus with the best research performance, 2nd place for community service and achieving 3rd place as a campus that has succeeded in producing competent graduates and the prospect of high job acquisition by QS World University Rangkings ”, said Prof. Budi Setiyono. He added that, “Undip facilitates students with the Undip Career Center (UCC) to help students to become job seeker or even job creator for those who have competence”.

Followed by a presentation on the socialization of SNMPTN, SBMPTN and UM for the period of 2020 by the Secretary of LP2MP Undip Dr.Ir. Setia Budi Sasongko, DEA. Some important points that were conveyed were general provisions and requirements which included the step by step guide for SNMPTN 2020. Starting with the registration of the LTMPT account via the https://portal.ltmpt.ac.id page. LTMPT account registration starts on 2 December 2019 until 7 January 2020; in which is an important date, and it is really conveyed to register way before the last day and then followed by filling PDSS data (School and Student Database) by the school which will be carried out starting on 13 January until 6 February 2020.

Further information is that student registrants may choose at most 2 study programs in one PTN or 2 PTN. The order of choice of PTN and the study program state the priority of choice. Vocational students are only allowed to choose relevant study programs according to the provisions of each PTN. Student registrants will not be put any charge. The cost of administering SNMPTN is fully covered by the Government. Complete information can be seen on page: ltmpt.ac.id.

Meanwhile, Headmaster of SMA 5 Semarang Dr. Siswanto, M.Pd. said that the high school students’ interest in studying at Diponegoro University are very high. For this reason, he advised, “For parents of students who have the opportunity to register for SNMPTN to direct their children to choose study programs according to their interests, majors and academic values”. He added, “And if it is fortunately got accepted please do not resign just because the students are being accepted in another place”. For this reason, the school will make an integrity pact for students who are accepted by the SNMPTN not to resign. (Ut-Humas)