To continue and disseminate the new university entrance selection system policy in 2020, Diponegoro University held a socialization activity attended by principals of high schools, vocational schools and MAs from all regions and districts of Semarang. A total of 170 Principals were recorded attentively attending and following the socialization process that took place Tuesday morning (12/10/2019) in the ICT Hall of Diponegoro University Semarang.

Since its establishment in January 2019, LTMPT as the only institution that administers entrance tests for state universities in Indonesia, has continued to reform and improve the selection system to meet the principles of credible, fair, transparent, flexible, efficient, accountable and non-discriminatory. In 2020, a new policy was issued for students who wanted to continue their education to higher education through the SNMPTN and SBMPTN pathways. Among them, the Single Sign On (SSO) policy means that each student only creates one LTMPT account to register for SNMPTN or SBMPTN.

The implementation of UTBK (Computer-Based Written Examination) in 2019 is limited to only 2 groups which consists of Saintek and Soshum, in 2020 the examination group at UTBK will be divided into 3 groups of Saintek, Soshum and Mixed. Tests for 2019 will be held as much as 40 sessions every Saturday-Sunday, then in 2020 UTBK will be held for 7 consecutive days and every day there will be 2 sessions. Students can only take UTBK once or for one session.

“The ranking of students is now also carried out by the school, considering that the school knows better the achievements of its students. The school is also allowed to add other criteria in the ranking of students “, explained Dr. Bambang Cahyono, the socialization team from LP2MP Diponegoro University.

This socialization activity is very important for School Principals to better prepare their schools and students to register for SNMPTN, attend UTBK and register for SBMPTN in 2020. Schools are also asked to pay attention to important schedules of SNMPTN registration processes, implementation of UTBK and SBMPTN.

“We held this SNMPTN and SBMPTN socialization so that in the future there will be no more complaints from the school for not being able to take part in the SNMPTN due to being late in creating an account for LTMPT or none of its students passed the SNMPTN because the ones registered were middle-ranking students. “The highest ranking students should be included,” explained Prof. Ir. Edy Rianto, M.Sc., Ph.D as the Head of Undip’s LP2MP in giving examples of complaints from schools during the 2019 selection.

In 2020 the school is required to create an LTMPT account as a gate for students to take part in the SNMPTN and SBMPTN. This school LTMPT account is used to create and update School and Student Database (PDSS). LTMPT account registration for schools and students has been opened from 2 December 2019 to 7 January 2020 through the portal