Starting a startup in the era of the digital industry 4.0 now does not just rely on modal and ideas alone, both must go hand in hand and in tune. Having a modal but lacking in ideas or concepts will results in a big zero. Same thing applies on having ideas, yet no modal will also result in a big zero. These two important things must go together to realize the desired output, said the Dean of the Undip Vocational School Prof. Budiyono when opening the Business Planning Workshop entitled “Business Startup” in the face of the digital industry era 4.0, which was attended by 200 Vocational students from various study programs recently at the Tembalang Undip Campus Quality Hall.

Nowadays, Students are currently competing to open a startup business, but most have no background in doing so. To facilitate this, Undip Vocational School held a Business Planning Workshop entitled “Business Startup”.

The speakers for this workshop includes the Undip Vice Rector III Dr.Darsono, Se, Akt, MBA, Astrid Syachnaz Andista (Plug and Play Indonesia) and Idris, SE, M, Si (FEB Lecturer /BP Secretary of SPBU Undip).

Astrid Syachnaz Andista from Plug and Play Indonesia said that in 2020 the booming of digital economy is expected to grow even more. Moreover, the era of the digital revolution 4.0 means that industrial people will be competing towards digitizing “this is where business startup opportunities are very open” she said.

Meanwhile, Undip Vice Rector III, Dr.Darsono, gives some tips in order to become a young generation of professional entrepreneurs which is the must have of an innovative mind thinking; outside of the box. “If you want small changes in life then change your behavior. But if you want big fundamental changes, change the patterns of your thinking ” he said.