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The Alumni from Doctoral Program of Mechanical Engineering Undip Achieved the Best Paper Award 2nd Prize in Machining Parameter Optimization of EVA Foam Orthotic Shoe Insoles

The alumni from the Doctoral Program of Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University 2019, Dr. Paulus Wisnu Anggoro, S.T., M.T., achieved the Best Paper Award 2nd Prize on International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2019 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on November 15th-19th 2019. The event was held in collaboration with Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation, International Society of Technology Innovation, National Formosa University, China University of Ocean, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, I-Shou University and St. John’s University.

IMETI2019 conference was including many fields in science and engineering innovation, which aimed to bring together engineering technology expertise. The professionals from the industry, academics, and the government for research discourse and development, professional practice, business and management in science and technology fields were welcome in IMETI2019. This conference enabled collaboration between science and engineering technology disciplines and industrial fields as well as international networks.

This paper discusses the importance of experimental design application based on a computer-aided reverse engineering system to obtain optimal machining parameters in the process of an insole made of EVA foam rubber in CNC machines. According to Dr. Paulus and Siti Badriyah Undip Group Research team, this research is very crucial for the design and insole manufacture development and orthotic shoes specifically for deformity patients. Deformity patients are people who have foot deformities so they do not feel comfortable when using shoes for daily activities (walking, standing, climbing the incline or stairs, running, jumping). According to Dr. Paulus, the deformity is including diabetes, flat foot, metatarsalgia, clubfoot, high heel, and pronation. The patient with this abnormality is hard to find the right, precise and accurate shoe shape according to the soles of the feet. Besides the constraints of the long production of shoemaking based on orthotic doctor’s prescriptions by conventional shoe artisans, this type of shoe is needed. The application technology Computer Aided Reverse Engineering System (CARESystem) which has been applied by Dr. Paulus when he was doing his doctoral degree in Undip was also being developed on this paper to get the optimum data response from the processing time and surface roughness of orthotic shoe insole. Through this paper, using the Taguchi Method and Response Method Methodology (TM-RSM) approach, an optimal machining parameter condition can be obtained in the operation of a CNC machine to obtain orthotic shoe insole for diabetes mellitus patients with a high factor scale. 

The machining parameters that have been obtained can be developed to complete the design process and fabrication of orthotic shoe products, consisting of the insole, shoe last and orthotic shoes for other foot deformers. In the future, the results of this research can also be used as a reference for researchers, bachelor to doctoral students to help the orthotic doctors in hospitals to get forms of insole or orthotic shoes according to the patient’s feet based on the application of the CARE System technology which has been done successfully so far. Dr. Paulus was collaborating with two professors from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, namely Prof. Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Ir. Athanasius Priharyoto Bayuseno, M.Sc, and Prof. Dr. Jamari, ST., MT. The paper that became the best paper in IMETI2019 was one of the papers published in several reputable international journals. This activity was the result of a collaborative research collaboration between Diponegoro University and Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta so that the development of CARE System orthotic shoe application research can be developed rapidly and be give the contribution to hospitals, orthotic industry, and deformity foot patients.

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