In Lodan Wetan, Sarang, Rembang, students from Team I Community Service Undip educated the locals living in Lodan Wetan about the compost from waste as a substitute for urea fertilizer. This program was done by door to door scheme on: Tuesday, January 27th 2020, Wednesday, January 28th 2020 and Friday, January 31st 2020. This program was motivated by the majority of the people of Lodan Wetan Village who work as farmers and use urea fertilizer for agriculture that affect the soil; making the soil hard, has acidic properties that can damage soil friability.

This education program was done by Adelia Dian Oktaviani, student from Chemical Engineering, with many steps as in:

  1. Searching for the tools (trashbag, stacking, scales) and ingredients (EM4 solution, dried sawdust leaves, goat dung)
  2. The trial phase is carried out for 2 weeks. In this activity fertilizer production is done by preparing the bacteries (dissolving EM4 solution with sugar and water) and substrate (mixing sawdust, goat manure and dried leaves that have been cut to reduce the size). Next, mixing the substrate with EM4 solution for 2 weeks, stirring it thrice a day.
  3. Compost is ready to use when it smells and looks like soil
  4. Educates the public about making fertilizer and its benefits

By this program, it is hoped that the locals would implement creating the compost fertilizer properly and correctly and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.