Babaktulung, Sarang, Rembang (3/2) – Undip KKN students from Babaktulung Village held a socialization activity and the practice of making health soap from Klanceng wasp nest waste. The activity was attended by village officials, PKK cadres, pioneers of the klanceng wasp cultivation and its members which consist of KTH Tiguna Mandiri and Karang Taruna of Tulung Village. This activity was held at the Babaktulung Village Hall on Monday (3/2) starting at 10:00 to 12:00 WIB. The purpose of this activity is to provide an understanding of how to process wasp nest waste into an appropriate product in the form of health soap. In addition, the use of wasp nest waste can also boost the community’s economy.

Prior to this socialization, Undip KKN students conducted various experiments and methods in designing soap compositions so that they could be used. After various experiments were carried out, socialization and practice were held to the public in order to teach them in producing their own soap products. This activity began with the presentation of material on how to process the klanceng wasp nest and its health benefits. Next, the practice of producing the soap by the students of Team 1 Undip Babaktulung Village was conducted.

“Today’s program is very good for the people of Babaktulung Village, I myself want to continue and develop this soap so that it becomes a source of income.” said Ibad as a pioneer of the klanceng wasp cultivation.

This klanceng wasp nest contains propolis which is beneficial for health, one of which is anti-inflammatory and anti-infection for the skin. Therefore, propolis in wasp nest waste can be used as a health product in the form of soap which has a sale value and is easily produced by the community.