Getasan – The lecturer of FPIK Diponegoro University  Dr. Ir. Suryanti, M.Pi, and his team Dr. Eng. Agus Setyawan, S.Si., M.Si  Farikhin, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D. in collaboration with the Community Service students in Team I 2020 (Reza, Susi, Chris, Naufal, Sekar, Tani) did an empowerment for the sustainability of independent community in Tajuk village to reach natural tourist destination in Embung Bangau, Tajuk Village, Getasan sub-district, Semarang, on Saturday (8/2).

This activity was aimed to enrich local knowledge in Tajuk village in optimizing the natural tourist destination potential especially in Embung Bangau and to manage the natural tourist destination in making the Tajuk village an excellent tourist village in Getasan.

“My team and I carried out this activity since this village has a huge potential for its nature, whether from the natural resources, the breathtaking view of Mount Merbabu, and the potential of its natural tourism. It is needed to be optimized through the role of the community in managing the potential of natural tourism,” said Dr. Suryanti.

The community service lecturers collaborating with the Team I Community Service students 2020 and supported by the Head of the Village Mr. Singgih and the locals had carried out socialization on Edu Mina Wisata. Edu Mina Wisata means an optimizing of natural tourist destinations on the fisheries sector and its learning place. The series of activity was begun with the socialization of handover and distribution of 3000 tilapia seeds,  followed bythe socialization of master plan of Embung Bangau to Tajuk locals, the enrichment about the waste management into eco brick, the enrichment to the locals about an easy of tilapia cultivation and the introduction of smart boards to the locals as a learning material in the Embung Bangau educational park.

“This Community Service program was supported by the head of the village. Tajuk and its locals had done the handover and distribution of 3000 tilapia fish seeds and the seminar about the local involvement in optimizing the Embung Bangau village,” said Dr. Suryani.

The distribution of 3000 tilapia fish seeds could be done because of the help from Mr. Ir. Arif Rahman, M. Si., who had provided more than 3000 tilapia seedlings. This activity was also fully supported by the head of Tajuk village as in, “Tajuk village is moving quickly in developing public facilities to support tourism potential, especially in Embung Bangau. By this community service, it is really useful and gives a positive impact for the locals of Tajuk,” said Mr. Singgih, Head of the Tajuk Village.

The activity was followed by socialization to Tajuk locals about the masterplan of Embung Bangau which had planned and had designed by the students of Team I Community Service Undip 2020 as a standard and reference in developing the tourism area in Embung Bangau. Besides, the students succeeded in producing a chair made of the eco brick, which was from plastic waste. It is hoped that all of the facilities in Embung Bangau could be made of the plastic waste.

By this empowerment program, Dr. Suryanti hoped that the tourism potency of Tajuk village especially in Embung Bangau could be managed well by the locals to increase the existence of the Tajuk village and its economy.