Due to the end of the community service program, the students of the community service program held an exhibition for their Community Service program in the villages they deployed. The team I Community Service Diponegoro University was placed in 15 villages in Wijen sub-district, Demak regency, Central Java, held an “Expo Mijen – Grow Up with Culture” on Saturday, February 8th, 2020.This expo took place in Bakung Village Hall. Some of the excellent programs in the village are including Digital Literacy and Edulova interactive learning program.

Digital Literacy Program

Each team, which placed in villages’ post, has tasks and responsibility to draft the program and execute it through the Community Service program for 45 days starting from they were deployed. In Pasir village, it carried out a digital literacy program. The target of this program is young people and teenagers who are 9th grade. The Community Service team was concerned about the condition of the low interest both in reading and in digging the knowledge from the teenagers. Even though the Internet has available in their village, the locals still have not used it well, especially as a learning source.

The teenagers were not only given the knowledge about how to use the Internet for studying, but they were also taught how to use social media well including identifying hoax information and avoiding cyber bullying among teenagers.

The Concept of Edulova Interactive Learning

The team of Geneng Village Community Service, Mijen sub-district, Demak regency carried out the concept of interactive learning called Edulova, an abbreviation from Education and Love. The Edulova program was aimed to improve the quality of human resources in Geneng Village from elementary school to high school. The concept of Edulova itself was aimed to change the youths’ mindset to not study outside their village. It was because the majority of the youths tend to move to Kalimantan after they graduate from junior high school or senior high school. From this background, the Team of Geneng village Community Service created an Edulova program, which is an interactive learning concept about self-love, environment, homeland culture, and mutual love. The Edulova program was designed to support the realization of the vision and mission of Geneng Village. The positive impact of this interactive learning concept could be felt in the future.

On the Community Service Expo visit, the Director of Directorate of Learning Development and Academic Affairs (DP2KA) Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Sutejo Kuwat Widodo, M. Si, accompanied by the Mijen sub-district, Ungguh Prakoso, S.STP., M.Si reviewed the exhibition programs stand of Team I Community Service Undip.

“I hope that what Team I Community Service had done in Mijen sub-district could be hugely beneficial for the locals now and in the future, especially for villagers in the Community Service placement area,” said Prof. Sutejo in his speech during the opening ceremony “Expo Mijen”.

The programs drafted by the Community Service Team in each village had through field observation and a discussion with local village officials. Thus, the programs implemented are right on target and effective (Ninok Hariyani).

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