Plastic bottles are one of the biggest contributors to trashes that floats freely in the oceans all over the world. Imagine, the lifestyle of people in this century that is all practical causes the inevitable uses of plastic bottles. This type of trashes makes the earth more unsustainable. Land, rivers and oceans, even the air is polluted by the smallest particles that have not yet finished decomposing. Particles called microplastic is not something that can be underestimated because it is also considered to threaten human health. Instead of harming the preservation of nature or even our health, we should start thinking about processing and utilizing the used plastic bottles.

Utilization of used plastic bottle waste into trash cans is one of the creativity of individual communities in reducing the impact of pollution on the environment due to plastic bottles and also to educate the public to understand and apply an appropriate technology in making trash cans from plastic bottle waste. This training was held at the Darussalam Orphanage Foundation in the village of Meteseh, Tembalang by the Diponegoro University Vocational School with the team of Lecturers consisting of Heny Kusumayanti, ST., MT and Ir. Dwi Handayani, MT. As well as the Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology students (Salsabila, Shahnaz Kintan Parameswari, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin, Muhammad Fajar Adi Saputro, Ega Prambudi) and the Chemical Technology Diploma 3 students (Ilyas Teguh Pangestu) in channeling their concerns.

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