Corresponding to the rampant outbreak of Covid-19 or Corona Virus that is happening right now, FEB Undip lecturers and Alumni Association, IKAFE, on Friday (17/4) have distributed assistance to 281 students who stays in boarding house around the campus environment. The assistance is mainly aimed at helping students who are unable to go back home and forced to stay in Semarang because of Covid 19.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Undip, Prof. Suharnomo said the purpose of this event was to lighten up the burden of students who had to stay in Semarang due to Corona. Many shops are closed means that students are expected to be able to cook independently to fill their daily needs. This assistance was given after seeing an online survey of 1300 FEB students twice, 281 conveyed that they need assistances while the rest felt safe enough.

On that basis, Ikafe Undip together with Lecturers and Employees held an activity titled “FEB Undip and IKAFE Shares”. The handover was done symbolically at the Dekanat of FEB Undip Tembalang Semarang to the student representative, Even Benanda.

Prof. Suharnomo added that since April 13, 2020, FEB Undip have opened donations from internal lecturers and alumni even other parties. The aim is to lighten up the burden for students who have difficulty in food necessities because many shops closed.

The donations are in the form of money as much as Rp. 200.000/package or can be in the form of necessities such as masks, vitamins, food and others. For transparency, all incoming and outgoing donation statements can be accessed via FEB Undip website.

“This Donations are voluntary, some take two packages, even 10 packages. Almost all lecturers sympathize with student difficulties “. Until now, as much as Rp. 70.000.000 has been collected for phase one. Donations also came directly from alumni, in the form of 60 food packages and Rp. 20.000.000 during this first stage. The next stage will be continued for May, and June “said the FEB Undip Management Expert.