Now, pregnant women can be more at ease during pregnancy with the presence of the application “Sayang Ibu” to monitor the development of pregnancy. This application was launched by the Faculty of Public Health of the Diponegoro University during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which requires everyone to work and/or study at home, including pregnant women who are advised to stay at home and postpone their pregnancy checkups. With this application, pregnant women were able to find out the risk status during pregnancy, information regarding emergency signs during pregnancy, pregnancy check history, and saving a family profile as well as health workers.

“In the current Covid-19 pandemic where many examinations have been postponed including pregnancy checks, we think pregnant women can take advantage of this application if an emergency occurs. From knowing the status risk, information on the development of pregnancy and signs the emergency situations as well as the existence of emergency button for pregnant women who face emergency situations, “explained Dr. Rani Tiyas Budiyati, MH, an FKM Lecturer at Diponegoro University.

Emergency button feature on the application “Sayang Ibu” is an advantage that this application has compared to other similar applications. When a pregnant woman experiences an emergency and presses the button, the alarm will sound loudly to attract the attention of those around her. In addition, a request message will be automatically sent to the cellular number of the family and health worker that has been stored on the mother’s profile. This request for help message is supported by a GPS location where pregnant women are located, making it easy to find.

Before being launched to the public, “Sayang Ibu” has been through a series of trials to numbers of pregnant womens in 2 (two) Puskesmas areas in the city of Semarang. “Sayang Ibu” which has obtained its copyright was developed by the Undip FKM research team lead by Dr. Antono Suryoputro, MPH, PhD. The research team members consisted by Dr. Rani Tiyas, MH, assisted by FKM student Nola Nofitri. The “Sayang Ibu” application can now be downloaded for free on Google Playstore.