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Studies Opportunity at Undip Through UM Partnership Channels

There is something new in the admission of new S1 students that through the UM channel. If in the past it was conducted solely through exams, the current UM may also be based on the portfolio uploaded to the provided application. Aside from admission based on portfolio, another new option is the existence of the Partnership channel. The partnership channel is the admission of new students from individuals or groups who intend to establish cooperation with Undip to contribute to the development of the campus and/or help financial subsidies for underprivileged students. This means that the partnership pathway is a pathway for prospective new students with adequate academics from capable families who are part of Undip partners to help other students who are less well off financially. For the partnership channel, the highest UKT is charged with an unlimited SPI. Immediately register for UM Undip partnership channel. Its quota is limited.

Registration information and complete requirements may be accessed on this page:

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