There is a new scene that can be found at Diponegoro University, which is Sikatak Bridge. This bridge was built to connect the road Prof. Soedharto and the ring road which was cut off by the Krengseng River. The purpose of this bridge construction is to accommodate the traffic flow from the Undip ring road to Prof. Soedharto without having to turn around or enter the Undip campus.

The name “sikatak” was obtained from the local community who tend to refer them as *sikethok (truncated), which is a road that was cut by a river or Krengseng river. Now the road is no longer cut. Sikatak bridge has been built which facilitates access to the surrounding community. People who live in Jurangbelimbing, Permata Hijau, Sekip and surrounding areas can simply pass the ring road without having to rotate or pass through the campus gate. Access to the Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND) is now faster and smoother.

The artistic form of the bridge has become a new spot for taking photos (*instagramable). The Sikatak Bridge is not only the new icon of the Undip campus, but the function of this bridge is very helpful in facilitating access to community traffic around the campus.

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