The UNDIP Faculty of Humanities Alumni Movement and FIB UNDIP academic community Care on Impact of Covid-19 provided aid to 55 students on Friday (5/22/2020) at the secretariat yard of IKA FIB Undip (SEU) Jl. Hayamwuruk Semarang.The aid handover from IKA FIB Undip central board to students were also witnessed by Undip Vice Rector 1 Prof. Budi Setiyono, Dean of FIB Dr. Nurhayati, Alumni Director Dr. Mujid F Amin, along with the academic community. During his remarks, Undip Vice Rector 1 Undip, Prof. Budi Setiyono, said that universities, alumni and students were inseparable thing and will always supporting each other under all conditions.

Prof. Budi thanked all the alumni. VR1 hopes that someday students who are currently being aided by alumni will also be able to help their juniors in the future.

Dean of FIB Dr. Nurhayati, M. Hum in her remarks said that IKA FIB have felt the call to provide aid to students affected by Covid. Therefore, IKA board members were intending to lighten and caring the Undip FIB students.
Head of IKA FIB Undip, Agustina Wilujeng, S.S, thanked the alumni who participated in helping students affected by Covid-19. In her remarks, Agustina conveyed a motivation to students who were affected by this Covid-19 pandemic.

“There are still many plans from IKA FIB for the welfare of students and the university later past this Covid. This is our response to the crisis situation that afflicts all of us, especially our juniors who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Alumni solidarity is built in the midst of current conditions, ” explained the Vice Chairman of DPR RI Committee X.

The provided aid was delivered to 60 students each in the form of cash amounting to Rp300,000. The data collection and distribution of the aid starting from the beginning involved BEM FIB Undip.

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