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UNDIP Distributed Aid from the Public Community for the Prevention of COVID-19

Semarang (UNDIP). Ever since Covid-19 was declared as a national disaster, the Diponegoro University Disaster Management Special Team, D-DART (Diponegoro Disaster Assistance Rescue Team) have immediately making a move responsively and precisely. At the beginning of the pandemic, the D-DART team produced PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the form of masks and hand sanitizers. D-DART also raised donations from the public to be distributed back to the public. Up until 30 April 2020, the collected funds reached Rp. 346,639,323. The financial assistance from the community is used to produce various PPE that are needed by health workers (hospitals) and health centers in the form of face shields, nano filter masks, Head Box Intubation, Hand Sanitizer, hazmat, swab booths, disinfectants as well as food ingredients and supplements health.

Food ingredients and vitamin supplements that have been distributed are worth of Rp. 4.5 million and to this date, the D-DART are still opening donations from the public. For those who wanted to take part in the provision of prevention tools for Covid-19 transmission, they can channel their donation to Bank BTN account number 00175-01-50-00488-3 and donors are requested to confirm to phone number 0812-3450-0034.

“Up until this date, we are still receiving aid from people who care about the health and safety of the NAKES. We thank the donors who have entrusted us to distribute the donations. Now, for those who need PPE, please contact our call center, ” said the D-DART Chairman, Dr. Achmad Zulfa Juniarto, M.Sc.Med., SP.AND (K), Ph.D.
For people who need assistance, they may contact the D-DART team directly via call-center or WhatsApp 0812-3450-0034 or email The D-DART Team will make every effort to channel assistance to those in need. (Galih)

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