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Semarak Sewindu, FPP’s Agriculture Department Held Webinar

In the event of welcoming the 8th anniversary, the Agriculture Department of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture of the University of Diponegoro held a webinar (29/5). The activity took the theme “The Role of Plant Protection in Realizing Food Security in the Middle and After the Covid-19 Pandemic” by presenting 3 (three) resource persons, namely Prof. Ir. Achmadi Priyatmojo, M.Sc., Ph.D (Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University), Prof. Ir. Loekas Soesanto, M.S., Ph.D (Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Jenderal Soedirman University), and Dr. Masanto, S.P., M.Sc (Tanjung Priok BBKP Agricultural Quarantine Officer).This second webinar was opened by the Head of the Agriculture Department, Ir. Didik Wisnu Widjajanto, M.ScRes., Ph.D. He confessed that this sewindu celebration of Agriculture Department should become a momentum for the rise of Indonesian agriculture by strengthening the synergy between academics, governments, Balitbang, profession organizations, farmers and the private sector to realize food sovereignty and security.

In his material Prof. Achmadi Priyatmojo discussed the importance of professional associations and the use of information technology in plant protection. While Prof. Loekas Soesanto discusses the role of biological agents and plant pesticides in crop protection. Biological agents and vegetable pesticides are very suitable for plant protection due to it being supported by its abundant and location-specific natural availability, as well as the easy preparation.

Dr. Masanto provided material related to the role of agricultural quarantine in maintaining Indonesia’s food sovereignty and food security. The Agricultural Quarantine Agency plays a role in realizing food sovereignty through the increased production, productivity and quality of food, increasing added value, competitiveness, exports and substitution of imports of agricultural products, as well as increasing the quality of performance and service of government officials in the field of agriculture that is trustworthy and professional.

This webinar was conducted through Google Meeting and Live via YouTube and was attended by no less than 2,275 participants. The participants were mostly students, lecturers, researchers, extension workers, agricultural practitioners who came from various parts of Indonesia.

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