Diponegoro University views the holding of dialogue between BEMs throughout Indonesia and the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture on Saturday 6/6/2020 positively. The dialogue has been able to provide an opportunity for both parties to come to understand each other various issues that have been voiced by students in various forums related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of education.

Also present at the event, Undip Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Undip, Prof. Budi Setiyono.

According to Budi, Undip understood very well that COVID 19 had caused various kinds of difficulties in the lives of everyone, including students and their families.

Therefore, so far Diponegoro University has attempted to overcome this issue by seeking a way out in a number of ways. For example, by providing scholarships in collaboration with more than 30 agencies, finding foster parents, raising alumni assistance at the university and faculty level, as well as providing part-time job on campus and partner institutions / companies of Undip.

Then, designing a foster parent scheme, the implementation of which is coordinated by lecturers in almost every study program. The campus also encourages alumni to participate by providing assistance in the form of scholarships to students, cash allowances, food assistance, provision of rice ATM machines, and business cooperation projects. Meanwhile, in the part-time job, Undip provides 150 job slots, not including the assistants on research projects.

In addition, Undip lecturers and employees also created the ‘Gerakan Undip Peduli’. “Lecturers and employees voluntarily donate its monthly performance incentives in a variety of percentages, ranging from 10 to 50%. The money is then distributed to students who needs it, said Prof. Budi.

Undip also provides a policy to reduce / ease the payment even an elimination of Tuition Fee (UKT) for students whose parents are affected by COVID 19. They can submit it through their respective faculties. Currently, there are more than 200 students that have its application granted. In addition, every year Undip also granted more than 1500 students who applied for the reduction of UKT.

Thus, there are always many solutions available for students to continue their study at Diponegoro University.

At this time, Undip has freed the UKT payments for final semester students whose final assignment research was constrained by COVID 19. They could submit it through the faculty with the approval of the supervisor.

To ensure the access of online learning, the campus also provides 10 GB of data plan per month to all students who apply for assistance. They can fill out online forms through the student Single Sign On (SSO) account.

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