The stuttering of online learning at home is felt by many students throughout Indonesia. Many reports about the struggle to find a signal to attend online lectures with a predetermined time of each department. Not surprisingly, these events increase the adrenaline of students to be able to get the desired knowledge by learning discipline with time.

From a survey conducted by the author through question and answer in Instagram stories, it revealed a number of positive facts with online learning activities at home:

  1. Gathering with family in 3 months or more. This is a rare moment for students who since junior high or high school have studied outside the city or wander away from their families.
  2. Becoming smarter in managing their time at home. College assignments are certainly not easy, especially with an online system like this, the task from the lecturer seems to never end. This raise the creative minds to get around the time for breaks and time to do the tasks without wasting time playing outside.
  3. Lots of productive time. Staying at home for a long time causes boredom, yet it must be done. Various productive activities such as online meetings, online seminars, and online training to add skills were carried out to be ready with the new era that will be faced after graduating from college.
  4. Improve skills. Status on Instagram is dominated by creations made at home, for example cooking, painting, crafting, sewing, planting, home decoration, etc.
  5. Increasing income. Situations of being 24 hours at home and dominating activities in cyberspace, can be utilized by building an online shop, internships that can be done remotely, writing paid articles, and other material-valued activities.

It seemed there are still a variety of positive impacts for students while studying online at home. A suggestion for students wherever they are, try to seek for lots of references of activities while at home by surfing via our sophisticated gadgets and not just spending the data plan for social media which is not important. Come… do positive things from home while lying down during COVID-19 roaming out there!!

Author: Putri Rousan Nabila (UNDIP Student)

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