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“DAFT Proposes a Design Idea for New Normal Era Prayer Room”

This chamber is a physical form (prototype model) of community service activities based on rapid and responsive research in overcoming the problem of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the New Normal era from the point of view of an architect as conveyed by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, Prof. Ir. Agung Wibowo, MM.MSc.PhD during the symbolic receiving of the Anti-Covid-19 Prayer Room Prototype Model from the Head Department of Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering (DAFT) Diponegoro University Dr.Ir. Agung Budi Sardjono, MTA on Thursday 18 June.

The Community Service Team led by Dr.Ir. Eddy Prianto, CES, DEA, consists of Prof.Ir. Totok Roesmanto. M. Eng, Ir. Abdul Malik. MSA, Ir. Bharoto. MSA, Ir. Dhanoe Iswanto, MTA, M.Sahid.ST.MT, Septana, Dr. Baju Widjasena, MErg (FKM) and several DAFT students. Dr. Eddy Prianto explained that this Independent Community Service Activities aimed at providing an alternative physical design of the arrangement of pilgrims to carry out its congregational prayers in the New Normal era, where according to the Health protocol the distance between pilgrims should be 1.20-1.50 meters or 50% of the capacity of congregational prayers. Through architectural studies and user arguments in the aspects of health and hygiene, a room in the mosque was conceived that could accommodate around 70% of people without violating the Health protocol.

In responding to the New Normal era, where mosques have been opened with strict health protocols, sometimes we may still encounter the unexpected. For this reason, with the application of the prayer room model, the prayer may run properly without any issue, people are accommodated and without disobeying the required Health protocol. Conducting a prayer in public areas in the new Normal era can be done safely without endangering selves and others, at least it can be started from the campus environment and surrounding areas, said Prof. Totok as the closing of the event.

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