SEMARANG – The midst of the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) have pushed Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang to invent a robot that will assist medical personnel in treating COVID 19 patients.

Through the Faculty of Medicine (FK), Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND) and Higher Education Science and Technology Center (PUI PT) Health Technology Center for Bio Mechanics, Bio Materials, Bio Mechatronics, and Bio Signal Processing (CBIOM3S) the robot was tested on Monday (6/22/2020) at the Undip Hospital.

According to one of the team members who is also act as the Chair of PUI PT Health Technology CBIOM3S, Dr. Rifky Ismail ST MT, this phase 1 trial tested the ability of robots to deliver the needs of patients, conducting a check-up and visual communication with patients.

The existence of this robot can reduce contacts between the medical personnel (doctors and nurses) with COVID 19 patients which will also reduce the possibility of virus transmissions to the medical personnel.

The function of this robot is to deliver medicines, foods and other needs to patients, as well as communication between patients and nurses. It also acts as a medium for video call communication between patients and families using an application. It also helps nurses and doctors examine patients.

For the above purposes, the robot is equipped with a rack to carry food, drinks, medicine and clothing and other necessities to patients who are treated in the room.

The robot is also equipped with a monitor and camera for two-way communication between patients and nurses or doctors. It also equipped with wireless control technology.

For the size of the robot, it is 140 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm with a body made of acrylic and a drive system of two motor batteries that can be charged. This robot is also equipped with disinfectant booths that can be used to clean robots after use.

Besides Rifky, the team also consisted of Andreas Arie, SpPD-KKV, Dr. Penanti Julianti MKes SpKFR, Dr. Dr. Hermina Sukmaningtyas MKes SpRad-K and Rofiq C Prayoga, ST.

During this trial, the robot is instructed to walk into the treated patient room. The robot serves patients by bringing a number of patient needs, such as medicine and food. It appears the patient managed to receive the items carried by the robot. Meanwhile, the nurse monitors and communicates with patients through monitor in the robot.

For medical student’s educational purposes, this robot will be developed as a robot that functions as teleeducation. Students can monitor and communicate with patients remotely.

The trial went out smoothly and was attended by the Director of Diponegoro National Hospital Dr. Dr. Sutopo Patria Jati MM MKes along with the board of directors and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Undip Dr. dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, MKes, SpS-K and numbers of officials of Undip ranks.

The Managing Director of RSND highly appreciates the results of this work and is expected to be of benefit to medical personnel and publics.

As it has been known, this idea stems from efforts to protect the medical personnel that act as the frontline in overcoming and handling COVID-19 in the community. Therefore, they must receive maximum attention and support.

Responding to these conditions, Undip made a breakthrough by inventing robots that could help medical personnel in carrying out their duties.

Whilst, the Acting Vice Rector 3 (Communication and Business) Undip, Dwi Cahyo Utomo SE, MA, PhD said, in the midst of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and towards a new normal era (new life order), the role of universities (PT) in community service, is very important.

This is also what encourages Undip to continue to help the community, one of which is for medical personnel by inventing new innovations.

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