Undip Vocational School Education must be oriented to patents, vocational education must be able to collaborate with academic and professional education in order to produce applied research results that turn the research into real products that can be circulated to the market, industry and society.

Because the principle of vocational education is the ability to apply their knowledge.

This thoughts were conveyed by the Dean of the Undip Vocational School Prof. Dr.Ir.Budiyono, M.Sc during the opening of online seminar (webinar) “Development of an Integrated Workshop in Strengthening Vocational School Innovations” held by Undip Vocational School Semarang, Wednesday (6/23/2020).

The Dean said that revitalization of vocational education is important in order to equip students with the education and skills needed by the industrial world and we as well equip them with good morals. For that reason, the Dean requested that the lecturers of Undip Vocational School must alter their mindset. It is not enough to just master the theory of teaching but we also must have the competency skills that are in accordance with our expertise ” he said.

Whilst, the Director of Research and Innovation Undip Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Widiasa in his presentation explained about what innovation is according to Permenristekdikti No. 29 of 2019 which is “a research, development, and/or engineering activities aimed at developing the practical application of new scientific values and contexts , or a new way to apply existing science and technology to products or production processes, ” he said.

“The task of the Undip Directorate of Research and Innovation is to formulate policies, develops and manages research activities to realize the vision, mission and goals of the university.”

Meanwhile, the guest speaker from EEPIS Dr. Era Purwanto explained that the challenges of vocational education in the future includes a form of working anywhere and not following a time pattern, utilizing tools and focusing more on results and innovative capabilities, which means that an adaptive vocational education curriculum with the industrial world is needed.

In this webinar, there were three speakers: the Dean of the Vocational School, Undip Prof. Dr.Ir.Budiyono, M.Sc with material discussing on Strong Vocational, Strengthen Indonesia, Undip Director of Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Widiasa who delivered material on Undip Innovation Policy and lastly from PENS (Vocational Integrated Workshop Development) Dr. Era Purwanto with Vocational Integrated Workshop Development material.

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