SEMARANG – Responding to the challenges of the times in the midst of rapid change, Diponegoro University (Undip) has prepared several study programs (Prodi) based on market and era needs. In the last five years, there have been 27 new Study Programs opened by Undip to answer the challenges of the times and market needs.

Undip Vice Rector 1 for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Budi Setiyono S. Sos, M.Pol.Admin, PhD, said that from 2016 to 2020 there were 27 study programs opened. Budi said, the process of opening the new study program had gone through a rigorous selection process and accompanied by careful consideration. “Every new study program is certain to meet academic eligibility standards in addition to market demand-based considerations and the needs of the times,” he said, Wednesday (6/24/2020).

According to Budi Setiyono, the 27 new study programs cover a variety of levels, not just undergraduate or graduate degrees, but also Masters, Doctoral as well as Diploma Programs. “If these are being averaged, each year, in this past five years, Undip has opened five new study programs,” he said.

From the latest data, i.e. in 2020, there have been three study programs opened, which were Professional Dentistry Education from the Faculty of Medicine, Bachelor of Business Study Program or Masters of Business Administration from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) and Doctoral Degree Study Program or Doctor of Information Systems from Undip Postgraduate Program. The Professional Dentistry Education was opened because since 2016 a Dentistry Study Program has been opened which this year several students need to take professional education as required by the government.

Previously, in 2019, there were 5 new study programs opened, all from the Undip Vocational School, namely Diploma 4 in Management and Logistics Administration, D4 in Tax Accounting, D4 in Information and Public Relations, D4 in Foreign Languages and D4 in Industrial Electrical Engineering. These four diploma studies program produces graduates with an Applied Bachelor or STr.

Keep in mind, the Undip Vocational School currently consists of four departments, i.e. the Department of Industrial Technology which holds Diploma 4 in Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, Automation Engineering Technology, Mechanical Design Engineering, Naval Construction Engineering Technology and Industrial Electrical Engineering; and Diploma 3 in Chemical Technology, Electronic Technology, Mechanical Technology, Ship Design and Construction Technology and Instrumentation Technology.

Then the Department of Civil and Planning which has diploma 4 program for Spatial Planning and Land, Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architectural Design; and diploma 3 for Civil Technology, Regional and Urban Spatial Planning, Regional and Urban Planning (Class in Pekalongan), Architectural Drawing and Land Administration.

Next there is the Department of Business and Finance for diploma 4 having a Tax Accounting program and Logistics Management and Administration; while diploma 3 has courses in Management, Management (Class in Rembang), Tax Administration, Tax Administration (Class in Batang), Accounting, Accounting (Class in Pekalongan), Animal Husbandry Business, Marketing Management, Public Finance, Public Relations, Public Relations ( Class in Batang) as well as Office Administration.

The fourth is the Department of Information and Culture which has a diploma program 4 for Foreign and Applied Languages and an Information and Public Relations program. For diploma 3 there are Libraries and Information programs, Record management, English and Japanese language.

In 2018 Undip has opened 11 new study programs, some of which were PSDKU (Study Programs Outside the Main Campus), namely PSDKU Pekalongan for D3 Regional and Urban Spatial Planning and D3 Accounting; PSDKU Batang for D3 Public Relations and D3 Tax Administration; PSDKU Rembang for D3 Management; Bachelor degree (of master) in Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering; Masters of Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology, Bachelor (S1) Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, and two diploma programs from four vocational schools respectively D4 Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Architecture Design and Marine Engineering Construction Technology.

Undip Vocational School also opened two diploma 4 programs in 2017 for D4 Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, D4 Automation Engineering Technology and D4 Mechanical Design Engineering.

The five new study programs opened in 2016 were consisting of two from the Faculty of Medicine, i.e. S1 Pharmacy and S1 Dentistry; then PhD in Marine Sciences from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences; S3 of History from the Faculty of Humanities and S3 Social Sciences from FISIP. (***)

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