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UNDIP Students Wins Gold Medals in the 2020 Euroinvent International Competition

Diponegoro University students has once again carved a prideful achievement in an international scale. This time the students from the Faculty of Engineering Undip have succeeded in achieving a gold medal in the international competition, which is the 12th Euroinvent (European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation) held in Iasi, Romania. Dimas and its team’ innovation have succeeded in inventing a tool that can convert plastic waste into fuel oil using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. With the support of pyrolysis technology combined with IoT technology, the heat energy modifier produced by the combustion tube heater can be transformed into electrical energy. With this tool called the prolyce, issues regarding waste in everyday life can be overcome by converting plastic waste into oil. This innovation is an effective and efficient finding as it is energy efficient and can be controlled directly by using a smartphone or laptop.

Dimas and its team said that this idea was sparked when they were thinking about the Internet of Things project in the middle of the robotics competition that they usually participate. After the idea came up, they planned to take part in the competition and exhibition of the largest innovation in Eastern Europe which was supposed to be held directly on May 23-25, 2020. “We immediately submitted a proposal and arranged several documents for funding sponsors and for departure. Alhamdulillah, a number of sponsors, such as from Waskita and Toyota, have signed them, but given the current conditions, we cannot make a visa for departure. We have almost given up on conditions like this where we have a lot of difficulties, but thank God, our team work was able to go through and be able to take part in the competition even if it must be held online,” Dimas said. Nevertheless, obstacles that occur due to the pandemic do not discourage students from participating in this international competition. In Euroinvent 2020 which was participated by participants from 32 countries with 400 titles of innovations, Dimas and its team as representatives of Undip managed to achieve a gold medal. This is a proudful achievement of Undip who are partaking in making Indonesia to become well known in international scale creative innovations and exhibitions.

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